1. How long will it take to conduct an Organizational Diagnostics?

    This would depend upon the size of the organization. Generally it would take a week to 2 weeks to complete the diagnostics interviews and focus groups

  2. What are the costs associated with the services offered

    Each service would have its own cost structure depending upon the scope and number of employees.

  3. How is the diagnostics conducted?

    The diagnostics would cover research parameters of the organization, interviews, focus groups and/or quantitate surveys

  4. What is the size of the team working on the assignment

    A great deal of work is conducted on-site and some work is managed off-site. Each assignment has the personal involvement of the CEO in order to ensure quality and representation

  5. Is implementation of the solutions a part of the proposal

    The implementation can be a part of the solutions portfolio if required

  6. How long have we been in business

    Our professional work-life extends to 25 years of work with multiple industries: engineering, retail, manufacturing, fast food, fashion, telecommunications, education, advertising and BPO’s to name a few

  7. What are best-practives and how do we benefit from them

    Each context is different and culturally we attune the market best practices to your organization needs and current practices

  8. Can we get assistance with Communication Strategies and messages

    We believe communicating effectively plays a large part in ensuring success of any initiative. As such we work with you to ensure the right messages are sent at the right time

  9. How much time will the consultant allocate to my work

    We want to ensure you get quality output and results. As such we schedule a work-plan with you and your project team to ensure deliverables are made and completed in a timely manner

  10. Can I get individual coaching sessions for selected staff

    We provide individual sessions for management teams and successors. The selection is reviewed with you and takes place as per schedule finalized with you

  11. What are the timelines of the coaching sessions

    The sessions take place monthly for a period of 6 months in order to maintain progress and ensure the discussions and associated actions are bringing forth the desired reults

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